Product Description


Metal: zinc plated carbon steel and stainless steel.

Head style: acorn, hex, flat, round, rod.

Detail size table see the bottom of the page.


The anchor is available for five head styles: hex, round, flat, acorn, rod.

The installation is easier and faster

The anchor and the hole are of the same size.

The sleeve anchor can be installed in solid concrete, brick or block base material.

The anchor is good for light to heavy duties.

Concrete sleeve anchor comes fully assembled and ready to use

The minimum distance between the two anchors is ten anchor diameters and the minimum distance between the anchor and the edge is five anchor diameters.


1.Drill a hole with a hammer and carbide tipped drill bit. The diameter of the hole should be equal to the diameter of the concrete sleeve anchor.

2.Clean out all the debris.

3.Set the nut until it's flush with the top of the sleeve anchor.

4.Insert the sleeve anchor through the fixture into the hole, the washer and nut should be tight against the fixture.

5.Turn the nut until it's firm enough.

6.Set the anchor by turning the nut three to four full turns

7.We tighten the acorn and hex nut sleeve with a standard wrench, and we tighten the flat and round headed sleeves with either a Phillips or flat screw driver.


Sleeve anchor can be used in many materials for light to heavy fastening duty. Usually this type concrete anchor is used in concrete, brick, and block.

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